A day in Whitstable.

Whitstable is one of my favourite weekend spots.

Located on the Kent coast, Whitstable is a beautiful seaside town most famous for its Oysters.

If you're going to visit, I'd recommend getting fish and chips (or lobster if you're into that), and taking it to sit on one of the beaches, before having a walk along the beach huts and pastel houses. Whitstable castle is also a nice place to visit, with a good view over the sea.

Obviously, as Whitstable is famous for it's oysters, they must be good (if you're brave enough to try one), so there are plenty of stalls selling them down at Whitstable harbour.

View of the beach + boats.
Whitstable castle + grounds
So anytime you fancy a weekend break or day trip (preferably when it's sunny), give Whitstable a try. It's an hour and 20 minutes from London and just a half-hour bus or car journey from Canterbury.


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Student life: The ups, the downs and the in-betweens

When people (aka real adults - not other students) ask about University, they tend to want to know about my course and not much else, but the truth is that obviously the course is important, but it's only a small part of the whole experience.

Yes I like my course, and yes I chose the right one, but no I don't think you need to study for a degree to know your stuff on whatever you're interested in. However, course aside, there is no other experience like university, because the skills you learn, the people you meet, and the unforgettable experiences are what really make the whole thing worthwhile.

I'm the first (and hopefully not the only) to admit, that let's be honest, we are all here at uni trying really really hard to extend our childhood as long as possible, and an extra three years of it seems like a pretty good idea. That's the weird thing about University, it's like a trial adulthood, jamming as many life experiences as possible into three (or four) years. Within a few months, we've gone from living at home, being cooked home cooked meals and dropped at friends houses, to renting a house, managing money (or lack of), and working to deadlines. 

I'm past my teenage years, but very new to the whole adult situation, a few years into getting served, but still not quite at the point where I can say I actually enjoy wine, half way into my degree but feeling like I've only just started.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that for every 'adult' experience I have, there's a ridiculously childish one. 

I cook my own meals BUT most of these are pasta, which I still can't get the right amount of.

I have keys to my house BUT I manage to lose them about 10 times a day.

I get served drinks because I look old enough (and am) BUT I end up acting a quarter of my age when I've had too many anyway.

I meet my deadlines BUT at the absolute last minute, and under the influence of too much coffee and sometimes alcohol (once)...

I plan my time out BUT it's wasted when I still go to bed at 4am and wake up at 1.

For more uni realities I recommend watching Fresh Meat on Channel 4.

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Outfit Post #1

So, I've finally got round to writing my first blog post, in-between assignments and reports for uni. It's a short one, because let's be honest - deadlines.

Nicking my boyfriend's good camera is definitely going to happen more often...

The weather in England at the moment is pretty up and down, and when it's not grey and raining, it may be sunny but it's still freezing.
This rust coloured jumper (get it here) is the perfect in-between for the winter-spring transition, and is a soft, thin, ribbed material. The high neck is perfect for keeping you warm without too much bulkiness.
This is definitely my go to jumper at the moment, and the best thing about it?

It's £7.99 from H&M, and comes in five different colours (some of which aren't on the website).

The rest of the outfit consists of my everyday items, my trusty (and clearly battered) chelsea boots (similar here), Topshop jeans that everyone and their dog seems to have (these), and a camel coat.

My necklace is my absolute favourite from Swarovski.

This amazing rose gold and peach watch from was a birthday present from my boyfriend, and is from The Fifth Watches. The Fifth is a unique brand that only releases watches for purchase on the 5th of every month, but more on them another time...

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